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UPD: As of 2019, I moved all Bp Services pages to my own server. Everything here is legacy and will not be updated but rather remade sometime in the future.
Bp Services have moved to serioussam.ucoz.ru domain successfully! What's next?
The website Bp Services are hosted on is built with a free engine called uCoz. I made this website way back in 2010 (before that there was another website but that's a story for another day)
and I don't really like this engine anymore, but at least it's free. The domain was registered to this specific name because I wanted the website to be focused on Serious Sam game
but that idea was scratched so removing the website would destroy my history plus it hosts a lot of files I need. Well, enough history: I plan on moving to another domain
and creating my own website without any engine (that is still in plans for the future, so this domain will remain for a while, I will announce when the right time comes),
the name of the domain is not yet decided upon but it will be something with "Bp" in it (obviously).
Anyway, if you're still reading this - keep using Bp Services, everything should be just how it was before.

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